Top 4 Tips For Finding An Estate Lawyer In Sydney

There are a few top tips for finding estate lawyers in Sydney. It all starts with using the internet to find attorneys in Sydney. Once you come across lawyers that deal with estate law, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind: 

1. Find Lawyers With Specific Skillsets

Estate attorneys in Sydney can help with many things, such as drafting a will, tax implications and estate planning. Setting up family trusts, drafting wills and guardianship provisions for members of your family that have a disability are other things attorneys can help with. Estate planning throughout Australia and abroad is another example of how an attorney can help. 

Consider your specific needs and situation. This will give you an idea of what type of estate lawyer in Sydney you should hire. When browsing lawyers, look for ones that have specific skill sets that suit your situation. If you have a complex situation, then it’s best to find an attorney that can handle virtually anything related to estate law. 

2. Experience

Next, you want to learn more about prospective attorneys’ experience. Bear in mind experience doesn’t mean that an attorney has been practising law for many years because some of the best estate lawyers in Sydney have been in business for only a handful of years. There are a number of ways to get an idea of how experienced an attorney is, with one being their track record. If an estate lawyer has a very impressive track record, then the chances are they have a tremendous amount of experience. 

Furthermore, ask an attorney how many clients they have taken on in the last year alone. If they’ve only dealt with a few, ask about the complexities surrounding their cases. Attorneys who handle very complex and/or unusual cases typically have a wealth of experience. 

3. Communication

One of the most important things to look for in an estate attorney is their style of communication and/or how they communicate in general. For example, choose an attorney that will communicate with you via your preferred method or via a method you’re comfortable with. There are attorneys who will communicate solely over the phone, while others will use several forms of communication such as phone, emails, social media and so forth. 

While you’re at it, ask prospective lawyers who will be in touch with you. The best lawyers will communicate with you directly, but if they are extremely busy, then they may have their receptionist, legal aide or legal assistant contact you. Whether or not this is acceptable is down to personal preference. If you’re ok with anyone from the law firm contacting you with updates about your situation, then go ahead and hire the firm.

Those are the top tips for finding wills and estate lawyers Sydney. It all boils down to choosing an estate attorney who specialises in the area of estate law that pertains to your situation, as well as choosing an experienced attorney and one that provides clear communication. All you have to do now is start looking for an estate attorney in Sydney.